Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update - April 2011

With my friend Kevin when we saw Dash Berlin
This academic quarter for me has been insane! I'm currently juggling 2 internships, a job, and 16 units of classes at school. That may not be much to some, but it is pretty intense for me haha :) So here are some updates since I miss you girls!

April 1-3: My friends and I went to Vegas for the weekend to see Tiesto! It was so much fun, and what was great was that I won enough money to pretty much pay for my trip 8-) And guess how. On a penny slot! Crazy huh? The weekend was a great getaway from hectic life. It was also one of my friend's birthday that weekend, so we all had bottle service at the Joint where Tiesto was performing. Yessss :)

April 11: Happy 22nd birthday to me :3 Even though I swear I still feel like I'm 19 sometimes! I didn't do much this year but spent it with my family and close friends. And surprisingly, this year was probably one of my best birthdays! And when people asked me what I wanted for my birthday... since I gave up buying make up for lent, guess what I asked for? ;) 



a, said...

happy belated! i'd have to say the same. just a few days ago i was asked how old i was, and i hesitated for a second because i couldn't remember. for some reason, it felt weird and unreal when i realized how old i was. i just don't feel like i'm the age i'm supposed to be.

augustalolita said...

belated happy birthday!! sounds like you had great birthday, especially with that amount of cash out!! i never had a cash out that big!! and lovely photos <3

Rebecca Clairine said...

happy belated birthday girl !
looks like u have a great time bday,
wishing u all the best ,
have a nice day !


a, said...

and yes! they leave those dolls out all year long. it's a house i pass by sometimes in a neighbourhood :)

♥♥♥hintofguilt said...

happy belated! :D vegas is always fun with good company! and its even better when you win! :) pretty photos!