Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rock and Republic... sold at Kohl's?!

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Thanks to NOVICESTYLE, I read that Rock and Republic filed for bankruptcy, and their clothes will be sold exclusively to Kohl's. Wait... what?! So I googled it, and I came across this article, where it states:

Rock & Republic, the rhinestone-pocketed denim line founded in 2002 by Michael Ball and Andrea Bernholtz, is leaving its designer-priced days behind in favor of something a bit more wallet friendly: Kohl’s.
Kohl’s Corp. and VF Corp., which acquired Rock & Republic in March after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2010, announced today that Rock & Republic will be sold exclusively in the thrifty department store, starting in Spring 2012.

Ah, crazy! I love all of my R&B denim and leggings, but now I'm sad I spent so much on them haha. Kohl's has not released the prices that they will be sold at, but I will for sure buy a pair to do a review on them. I'm kinda sad... but I think my wallet will be a little happier ;)


che said...

That is pretty interesting, curious to see how much they will price stuff a Kohls.

Glad that I never bought any of their items for retail.

ღ jenwoonani said...

Whoa! I had no idea they went bankrupt! ): That's sad, but I guess it's kinda good news for the customers! Incredible discounts! :)

Anhycakes said...

This is great news! Well, not for R&R. Thanks for the warning about the earrings. That sucks that Chanel won't replace it. My bf got mine at South Coast Plaza. Is that where you got yours too, since you're in Irvine?

Vale ♥ said...

Wow, didn't know this, it was also such an expensive brand ! This sounds new to me, thanks for sharing the info!
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