Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Goodies :)

Thanksgiving Break was amaaaazing, and it was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves from school. Mike decided he wanted to partake in Black Friday this year, so of course I had no choice but to join in. All I can say is that people are crazy, and I can't believe how a simple sale can bring out the WORST in people!

Luckily, I made it out of Best Buy alive :3 Best Buy opened at midnight, and Mike and I were there at 10:30pm. There was easily almost a thousand of people ahead of us! Some people already had tents ready since Monday, too -.-

After the wait, we finally got in! Mike & I split up, got everything we wanted, met up at the checkout line, and left like we won a million bucks (even though we SPENT $$ rather than WON $$ lol)! We ended up snagging: two 23" LED monitors, 2 blu-ray movies, 1 PS3, and 2 iPads.

And guess who received the iPad as an early x-mas present for being such a good girlfriend? Hehehehe ^_^


Riya~ said...

Wow, those food looks so yummy and I see egg rolls lol. What great stuff you purchased from best buy. I actually got only movies lol Looking at what you purchased makes me want to get those too.

simplyvonne said...

wow that's good you got all those stuff! I think ppl were waiting in till around 8PM thanksgiving night here in East Coast! craziness!

Jealous of your ipad!!!

Anhycakes said...

That food spread looks amazing. I am not working at a firm, which is really sad. I am a lawyer though. I signed up to do contract work while looking for a real associate job.

charlene-ann said...

you definitely snagged yourself some GREAT stuff!! love everything you got!! &&& I must say the food looks delish! yumm

JANE said...

Mmm, the food looks gooood. I have yet to jump on the iPad wagon but I'm sure it's easily addictive, just like all other Apple products.

Terri-fic said...

Wow! The food is making me drool! lol! The asparagus looks very yummy, it's one of my favorite foods :)
You guys snagged some great stuff on black friday! The deals must have been awesome! I hate crowds so much lol we went to Target and Old Navy only. All we ever look forward to is DVD series :P