Monday, March 14, 2011

excuusee me!

My apologies for the lack of FOTD! It's currently finals week at my university, and so I've been rocking the au naturale look.

What I'm wearing:
- Mabelline Age-Rewind (light/med) concealer
- MAC Studio Fix powder NC30
- CoverGirl's Lash Blast volume mascara
- ELF's blush/bronzer duo
- Rimmel's eyebrow pencil hazel
- Chapstick!

Pretty simple, right? I really just need something to cover up the dark circles and give some color back into my face since my skin looks pretty dull after all-nighters. But anyways! Here is what my day usually looks like:

I'm always either on campus or at home studying with my lychee green tea with lychee jelly! Mmm... my boyfriend & I are SOOO hooked on boba.... 10 years later LOL

665 Paularino Avenue, 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-6699 

I don't know if you guys have a Mitsuwa near your area, but if you guys do, check it out! It is my FAVORITE Japanese marketplace! You can get everything here. I mostly come here for lunch and do some skincare shopping. In the food court they have all types of yummy foods, and over at the market place there's various types of candies, dessert, make up... etc!
It's always so busy here!
All this for $6!

The crepe was mine!
And what did I see when I came home this weekend? My Sigma brushes came!
 At first my boyfriend was going to buy me the whole professional brush set, but I realized that I really didn't need all 15 of them. Plus my eyes were solely on the Sigmax ones anyhow! So I decided to pick up the Sigmax set, the F20, and as a free gift they sent me the pink duo fiber brush.

Love all, but hate the duo fiber one haha. Let me know if you guys want me to do a review!


KIMCHI said...

mmm food looks great, especially the crepe! I want to get the sigmax brushes too, maybe when I get paypal tehe :)

maichouterrimoua said...

YUM! Your crepe looks delicious! And love the sigma brushes =)
Good Luck on your finals!
xoxo Terri

AdamAlexMommy (Jasmine) said...

you have the most awesome newbie blog, and i am so in love with your style! so pretty you are, and love your dog. :) following, and hope we can stay connected!