Monday, January 24, 2011


Went down to LA again for my friend's birthday. So sad I forgot to do a FOTD (or night)! I've been meaning to change up  night make up routine because I always do the typical brown/black & gray/black smokey eye! My next week (or next time I go out lol) challenge is to explore beyond neutral colors. Stay tuned!

Couple of photos of the night:

So school has been pretty overwhelming for me. I'm juggling between classes, work, and my internship, which is fine... until I realized that I need to pick up another internship in order to graduate! I might have to quit my job if I do because I don't know if I could handle all the stress.

I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend! Happy Monday, everyone!

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Edwina said...

Your eye makeup looks so nice :)

good luck on the internship! have faith in urself!!