Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Resolutions!

    • I probably drink the LEAST amount of water out of everybody I know. I take in in average ~2-3 cups of water a day, and it really shows on my skin. I'm constantly trying to find the best moisturizer for my face, but I need to realize that not even the most expensive product will fix my dry skin/patches - only water will!
  2. Wash my skin thoroughly every night
    • Because I rarely get any pimples... I somewhat take advantage of this by not washing off my make up after long nights of partying because I'd get so lazy (so disgusting & bad!).
  3. Stop splurging on products just because people rave about it on YouTube/BlogSpot
    • No explanation needed lol 
  4. Invest more money on skincare products than on make up
    • I have to remember: You only get one set of skin, so take care of it! Make up can cover flaws, but it won't cover up all the wrinkles in the future. Invest in anti-aging products & serums so you won't need make up ;)

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